31st Annual Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup June 12 - 16, 2019

Steamboat Springs, CO.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup?

RMMR is always on Father's Day Weekend in June. This year the 31st Annual RMMR is June 12 - 16, 2019 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Registration will open January 1st.

First time at the Roundup?

Weather condtions can change quickly in Steamboat. Thunderstorms with rail/hail can develop in the early afternoon. Plan ahead - bring a blanket, car cover, or leave an event a little early.

Pop-up Tents

Pop-up tents are permitted at the Autocross if appropriately SECURED as determined by RMMR Staff. NO pop-up tents will be allowed at the Show 'n Shine.


The RMMR Autocross was historically managed by the Pikes Peak Sports Car Club (PPSCC) in association with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). Five years ago PPSCC informed the RMMR that they would be unable to continue to operate the Autocross for the RMMR. As a result, the RMMR Planning Committee began an effort to manage the Autocross internally. This has been a significant undertaking requiring the development of a dedicated sub-committee, equipment purchases to include the required timing gear and software, and the building of the process documentation to provide for a safe and well executed event. To insure the quality, saftey, and timely completion of the Autocross as the RMMR refined the event, participation was limited to 150 entries in 2010. The goal is “cones up” by 4pm so that all participants and Autocross volunteers can attend the Social on Friday evening. In the past few years, RMMR has been able to increase the number of Autocross participants to 200 thanks to organization efforts and increased volunteer participation.
For future RMMR's, the Planning Committee will be discussing alternatives for increasing the number of Autocross participants and how attendees might be selected other than on a first-come, first serve basis via registration.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup.


The RMMR Planning Committee has had several challenges to deal with since 2011. At the top of the list was the Autocross. We will require that all drivers participating will be required to work a 2 hour shift either before or after they've competed. In the past we've always "asked" for drivers to volunteer for a 2 hour shift. It will now be required. For us to put on a quality Autocross we will need to have enough workers to keep all flowing. Use this time to see how others maneuver the course as will be fun and educational.
The RMMR Committee is committed to ensuring a high quality event. With your cooperation, this will be a wonderful event.

Will there be an AutoCross Warmup before the 2018 Roundup?

The RMMR committee that will be running the AutoCross Event at the 2018 Mustang Roundup and they will get a warmup AutoCross setup with the local chapter of the SCCA some time in mid May. Please check with the SCCA website: SCCA Colorado Region

Does my Mustang belong in the modified class?

Unlike some shows, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSTANG ROUNDUP does not necessarily place a car into the modified class if it contains parts that could not or would not have been installed when it was built. Cars with aftermarket parts such as wheels and tires, non-original paint colors, or non-stock upholstery are permitted in the stock classes as long as the changes are minimal. The decision as to which class to enter your Mustang in is left up to the owner, with the ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSTANG ROUNDUP committee having the final say if a question arises concerning if car is entered in the correct class. If it found that a car has been entered into the wrong class points can be deducted when the car is judged. Here are some guidelines to help with the decision as to which class your Mustang belongs. Does the body retain the same outline as when it was built? Additions of body kits, non-stock hood scoops, and/or spoilers that greatly change the basic outline of the body, or the cutting of the hood to clear a supercharger would put the car into the modified class. Do the main body parts function as on a stock car? Lift off hoods, tilt front ends, and “Lambo” style doors are examples of changes that would place the car into the modified class. Is the Mustang purpose built? Although your Mustang can be street driven the addition of a full roll cage, drag racing tire package, or a pro-touring style tubbed body would place the car into the modified class. Some other things that would place the Mustang in the modified class would be a graphics style paint job, a change to the power train such as placing a newer EFI engine in an early car or an engine that was never installed at the factory such as a 460 in a Mustang II, or a major change to the suspension such as rack and pinion steering in and early car. If you are still unsure about which class your car belongs please contact the ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSTANG ROUNDUP for a decision.


For all that preregister for the Rocky Mountain Mustang before May 15th, they will receive a free event Tee Shirt. Those that preregister between May 16 and June 1 will not receive a free event Tee Shirt.

How to ensure my online registration completed?

If once done filling out the online registration form from www.rmmr.org and completed paying with PayPal you should receive an email from PayPal stating you sent a payment to the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup. If you don’t get an email from PayPal stating you paid then you are NOT registered. (Try again or print out the forms at www.rockymountainmustangroundup.org and mail in with payment. If you get the email then you are 100% registered and confirmations will start going out by the 2nd week of February.

Steamboat Grand Hotel Underground Parking

The Steamboat Grand will provide 150 (for purchase) parking spaces in its underground garage at the cost of $60 for a 3 day pass. The pass begins on Thursday and is good until Sunday. You may purchase additional days prior to Thursday or after Sunday for $20 per day; however, one or two night passes are not available if an underground parking spot is wanted it must be purchased for all 3 days even if you are only staying one or two nights at the Grand. These spaces are strictly for Mustang (car) parking only. Should another vehicle other than a Mustang be in the paid spot, the vehicle owner will be asked to move it and if they didn't have a mustang to park in the assigned spot, their money will be refunded. The Grand Hotel has 150 underground (for pay) spots availble and the parking spots will be assigned on a 1st come 1st served basis when making room reservations.
The Ski Time Square parking across the street from the Grand will continue to be complementary with no assigned spots.

When is registration open?

Registration opens every year January 1st and runs through June 1st. Autocross Registration starts January 1st and ends March 1st or first 200 drivers.

Where can I stay in Steamboat?

Our host hotel for the Roundup is the Steamboat Grand Resort, they offer discounted rates during the event 1-877-269-2628 or www.steamboatgrand.com.

If you are looking for condos, contact:
Mountain Resorts reservations at 1-800-525-2622 or the RESERVATIONS LINK
Pioneer Ridge reservations at 1-888-672-6938 or the RESERVATIONS LINK
When making reservations please mention the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup to ensure you receive discounted rates.

For other lodging information contact the Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce at www.steamboat-chamber.com.

Is there On-site Registration?

No, all registration must be received on or before June 1st via mail or online

I only want to participate in the autocross do I need to need to register for the show?

Each car is required to pay registration fee to participate in any event.

I only want to participate in the Mountain Tour do I need to need to register for the show?

Each car is required to pay registration fee to participate in any event.

I only want to participate in the Friday Night Social do I need to need to register for the show?

Each car is required to pay registration fee to participate in any event.

Refund Policy

As long as you let us know by June 1st we will give a full 100% refund. No refunds will be given after June 1st. By the first week in June, we have all the event and registration materials boxed and on the way to Steamboat Springs, which is too late to refund or make any significant registration changes.

How can I order event apparel?

Please note that 3XL/4XL t-shirts will only be available for purchase directly from Crown Prints. Contact Crown Prints for all your RMMR Apparel needs at 970-879-1182 or trevor@crown-prints-steamboat.com.

How can I order event pictures?

John or Glenn can be contacted directly at 303-232-4878 or John@AssociatedPhoto.com

Where can I get event results from current and past year's event?

Click the Past Roundups button and select the year. It has all the show, autocross, popular vote and specialty award winners plus event photos.

Unclaimed Awards

The RMMR does the best it can with an all volunteer staff to ensure all participants receive their awards who do not pick them up at the event. This is a best effort process. The RMMR will do their best to get an award to you in a timely manner. It is best if you pickup your award at the event--all awards/trophies are mailed out within two weeks of the event. If you are a winner and after two weeks you have not received your award, you have 60 days from the event to notify the RMMR committee by email of the issue. If the RMMR is not notified after 60 days the participant forfeits their award. RMMR is not obligated to provide unclaimed awards or registration materials after September 15th.

Constructive Notice

The RMMR website is the primary vehicle for public notification to RMMR participants, and the information it contains serves as Constructive Notice". The RMMR participants have a responsibility for the information within.

The entire event or portions of the event may be canceled if insurance is not obtained.

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